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The stock market is indeed a myriad world, almost like a Kaleidoscope with different colours, hues and even approaches. Fundamentals, “Tips”, Technical analysis to name a few. Keeping in mind the fact that India is an outstanding Emerging market, the volatility and swings witnessed in the Indian Stock Markets are now a part of stock market folklore. And to achieve even a semblance of success in trading and investment in these markets whether from a short term or a long-term point of view is where we come in.

Non-believers may say u can’t time the market, but at Chartpundit

we believe u actually can by analysing and acting upon in such a way so as to minimise your losses and letting your profits run.

Importance of Technical Analysis in today’s world cannot be underscored as whether you have an intra day outlook or a swing trading one or an F&O position. Technical Analysis would provide answers to all of the above. Contrary to perceptions Technical Analysis also works for long term with a significant amount of accuracy to not only warrant it a second look but also make it an important undisputable part of your investment decision.

Choose the Pundits for a prosperous future, cause only God knows better..…

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